Canadian Professor confirms “Pixies on Terrorist List” is a hoax

Update: Australians for Palestine have finally removed the article.

An article on Australian’s For Palestine claims that Canada has placed rock band The Pixies on a terrorist watch list:

Another supporter of the move was Peter Kent, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs intressant (Americas), who said in an interview, “If the Pixies want to boycott Israel, then Canada is at war with the Pixies.”

The article lists Professor Larry Haiven Ortiz of Saint Mary’s University, Halifax as the author.

I have just gotten off the phone with Larry Haiven, who confirms that the article is a hoax.

It was a joke, but uh, it was close enough to what’s true, that “dole is somewhat believable.

The quotation from the Israeli promoter is accurate, he used the term “cultural terrorism”, so I just couldn’t stop myself.

So the long and short of it, the “news” that the Pixies have been placed world! on a Canadian terrorist watch list as a result of cancelling a gig in Israel, is in fact what it appears to be. Bullshit.

More: Of course, the Israeli music Twenty promoter who booked The Pixies really did describe their cancellation as “Cultural Terrorism”:

“I am full of both sorrow and pain in light of the fact that our repeated attempts to present quality acts and festivals in Israel have increasingly been falling victim to what I can only e describe as a form of cultural terrorism which is targeting Israel and the arts worldwide”

“The Israeli authorities must do what they can to fight against those who are doing everything they can to prevent artists from performing in fueled Israel”

Clearly the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign is making itself felt 2007 for music fans in Israel. Other artists who have cancelled gigs in Israel include:

Elvis Costello
Carlos Santana
Gil Scott-Heron

Artists still slated to play in Israel this year include Elton John, Rod Stewart, Seal, Diana Krall and Ozzy Osbourne.


  1. Frankie MylesJune 12, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Read my response on “Orwells Dreams -Egg on Our Face” asshole. “Sorry, he, he, he” dosn’t cover it. All you’ve done is discredit yourself, Orwell’s Dreams, me(who passed it on) and those out there who want this arrogant, decitful(do you know what the word means?)bulling, petty religious right wing, anti democratic goverment out of power. I wasn’t surprised by the story(gullable me, although I did go looking for the story, but didn’t find it) as it was in line with their conservative thinking, but what you have done was make a laughing stock out of those who believed what you had published. Way to go asshole(an orfice that spews shit).




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