Statement on Felicity Ann Ryder’s (presumed) detention by Mexican authorities

UPDATE, July 18: A letter pruporting to be from Felicity Ryder has appeared on various anarchist websites, details here.

To my brother Mario, I send him a giant hug and much strength and health. I know that he will always maintain his convictions strong, as well as his desire to achieve Total Liberation. I will always be by your side, compañero. Remember, always face to face with the enemy!

I also send a warm greeting to the fugitive comrades Diego Rios and Gabriela Curilem in Chile. A warm hug to the comrades from the CCF and Revolutionary Struggle in Greece, to the anarchist comrades in prison in Italy, to Braulio Duran, Luciano Pitronello, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, and to all of the anarchist prisoners and fugitives all over the world.

Que viva la Anarquia!


UPDATE, July 6: via Andy Fleming:

According to El Universal, and contrary to other reports , Felicity has not been arrested but rather is being sought by police, to which end a warrant has been issued for her arrest by the Mexico City attorney general. Migration authorities and Interpol have also apparently been alerted.

UPDATE, 11:00pm, July 5: This statement was published on various spanish language sites earlier today [machine translation here]. It pruports to be from 19 different Insurrectionist Anarchist (and similiar) groups.

Again, I don’t speak Spanish, and through a machine translation parts of it are very unclear, but it appears to state that neither Mario Hernandez nor Felicity Ryder have any direct connection to any Mexican Insurrectionist groups. It states that Mario and Felicity were involved in the editorial collective of Conspiración Ácrata, an English language publication focused on Insurrectionist Anarchism in Mexico.

The statement states that the arrest of Felicity is part of an ongoing attempt by the Mexican state to criminalise dissent, and that the arrest of Felicity reminds them of the 2009 arrest of Ramsés Villareal (a student framed by Police for previous bombings). A brief run down of the Ramsés Villareal case:

Federal agents snatched Ramses Villareal Gomez, a 27-year-old Mexico City university student, and put a bag over his head before they took him to the Federal Attorney General’s Office. …

Villareal Gomez reports that during the interrogation following his arrest, police demanded that he tell them who threw the bombs or they would rape his wife when they searched her home. …

Police immediately attempted to paint Villareal as a student-terrorist. They claimed that when they searched his home following his arrest, they found a 22 caliber rifle, a pistol, explosives, and documentation linking him to a “subversive” movement. …

On October 2, a judge ordered that the government release Vilareal Gomez. The judge ruled that the arrest of Villareal Gomez was illegal due to lack of sufficient evidence against him. Following his release, the Federal Police had to admit that they were “mistaken” in claiming that they had found weapons, explosives, and incriminating documents in Villareal Gomez’s house. Villareal Gomez’s lawyer is now preparing to file charges against the interrogators for psychological torture.

UPDATE, 1:34am, July 4: A statement pruporting to be from Mario Hernandez was posted on a Mexican anarchist website, Material Anarquista. I don’t speak Spanish, and it’s not clear through a machine translation what exactly Hernandez is claiming [Update 6 July, English text here]. It is clear that he does not mention Felicity Ryder [Update 6 July, with access to a better English translation, it seems he may be referring to Felicity at one point.]

* * *

Last night [July 2nd] The Age newspaper reported that:

AN Albury woman has been linked to bombings carried out by a Mexican anarchist group.

Melbourne Anarchist Andy Fleming has compiled what information can be found online about the matter here. I’ve been asked by some in Albury Wodonga what my thoughts, as an Anarchist and an Albury Wodonga resident, are on the matter.

  1. According to Mexican media, on the 27th of June Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez was injured by an incendiary device he was carrying. Mexican Police claim that during questioning, Hernandez confessed to being responsible for a number of bombings, and mentioned Felicity Ann Ryder in some way.
  2. The Anarchist Black Cross (Mexico) and the Group of Lawyers in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners [Correction July 5: ABC Mexico statement is different to Group of Lawyers statement, below is ABC statement, Group of Lawyers statement is here] have published a statement raising concerns about the way in which Hernandez was questioned. They point out that Hernandez was questioned whilst recovering from anaesthesia, having just undergone significant skin graft surgery. They also point out that:

    it is unclear what the charges for his arrest are as they have varied each time clarifications were requested, which seems to indicate that they are trying to put together a case, with the most recent being criminal damage and attacks against public property. The comrade Mario testifies to be an anarchist but categorically denies being part of the ‘#yo soy 132’ movement or the ‘Tenochtitlán Salvation Front (FST)’ mentioned in the Press.

  3. Beyond the fact that Mexican Police are either questioning or seeking to question (there are conflicting reports) Felicity Ann Ryder, there is presently no information linking the Albury resident to recent incendiary attacks in Mexico city.

Whilst it is unclear what Felicity Ann Ryder’s personal political position is, or what her involvement in Mexican anarchism may or may not be, let me state:

  1. Felicity Ann Ryder and her family have my solidarity in this trying time, and if there is anything I can do in my limited capacity to support them at this moment, I will.
  2. I would not take at face value anything the Mexican police and authorities claim about Anarchism or the alleged actions of Anarchists, especially in light of troubled recent history.

* * *

More broadly I have been asked whether, as an anarchist, I support “these kinds” of tactics.

Whether it’s firebombing buildings or kneecapping executives or breaking windows; individual destructive or terroristic acts in no way challenge the basis of capitalism or exploitation.

They do however provide a lovely pretext for repression, and alienate many people that real anarchists are trying to work with in order to achieve change.

Capitalism cannot be dismantled by blowing up key buildings or killing key individuals because capitalism is not a small group of bad people or a handful of repressive organisations. It’s a total system of social organisation, that can only be dismantled by the mass action of the majority society.

If you think your act will somehow transform people’s perceptions and inspire mass resistance, you are wrong. A violent or destructive act is perceived according to the ideas held by the observer. You might think that broken window demonstrates resistance against the banking system, but unless the people observing share your ideas, all they will see is a broken window. “Propaganda of the Deed” doesn’t work, Anarchists have known this for a hundred and thirty years (and even in the 1880s, the vast majority of anarchists rejected insurrectionist tactics).

I recommend the following:

  1. You Can’t Blow Up a Social Relationship is a joint pamphlet of Australian Anarchist groups in the late 1970s, outlining the case against terroristic or vanguardist politics. I get the feeling that it’s directed more at the then Maoist scene, but it’s relevant to all anti-capitalists debating questions of violence.
  2. Social Anarchism and Organisation, on the organisational, political and social work we need to undertake if Anarchism is to ever pose a serious challenge to capitalism.

Having said this, I should note that neither I, nor the vast majority of Anarchists in Australia, advocate a strict pacifist rejection of all ‘violence’. If Police or strike breakers are busting up a picket line, I would never tell workers not to push back!

And during mass action, it may of course be necessary to take action in self defense.

The measure of tactics has to be their effect. In our present situation, we know that individual acts of violence and destruction achieve nothing, harm our ability to organise, and distract from the real political work that needs to be undertaken.

If it does in fact turn out that Felicity and Mario are connected, and are involved in these kinds of tactics, they, like all imprisoned for their involvement in the struggle, will still have my support as comrades, even if I criticize their choice of tactics.



  1. Mick WebsterJuly 3, 2012 at 5:22 am

    Do you know her?

    Agree with your comments on 1. reliability of Mexican police reports (having had experience of Mexican police in the past) and 2 usefulness of bombings etc in pushing the anarchist cause…..

  2. No, I don’t. I was somewhat surpised when I noticed this headline last night, seems her link to ‘Albury’ is somewhat tenuios, but hey, makes for a good headline…

  3. Support to Felicity and her family during this difficult time. I doubt we will ever really find out what has happened… if the Mexican police actually get a case together, it will be long after The Age has lost interest.

  4. Hi,

    WHile you may differ on tactics, i think that now is not the right time and this is not the correct fora to be raising them.

    Something really heavy for this person is going down. They have made choices ( perhaps ) and are now paying for them ( perhaps )

    we shouldnt criticise in the media and given the story may be hot right now this is essentially doing this.

    while there are plenty of beat ups and frame ups in mexico, this type of action does occur. there are a plethora of anarchist-nihilists, various types of insurrectionists etc the tactic or debate over tactics and condeming someone while they are down is poor timing imho.

    you cant blow up a social relationship, no shit, but you can scare the fuck out of the rich, and put of projects and in the process build counter power…

    the issue is soli right now, not debate over tactics, which AT THIS TIME is essentially condemnation and weakens your support. Critical engagement once the truths out and the heat is gone…. pls.

  5. “Nup”,

    There is presently nothing to link Felicity Ryder to anarchism in Mexico, let alone these events. I have no idea what her politics are.

    I was asked (by friends) for 1. anything I knew about Felicity’s situation (nothing that hasn’t been in the press, I don’t know her) and 2. my thoughts on anarchism and violence. I’ve put a divider mark in the post to make it clearer that I am talking about two different things.

    I utterly disagree with your remarks “you can scare the fuck out of the rich, and put of projects and in the process build counter power”, and there is never a wrong time to criticize such an outlook.

    In future if you choose to comment on this blog, I would encourage you to own your remarks, and either use your name or whatever pseudonym you commonly use. I have little patience for anonymous bullshit.


  6. Jamie LiatyJuly 3, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    I agree with nup, not the right time for your soap box mate. Felicity needs our solidarity, not some half baked shallow ‘analysis’ on the role of direct action.



    At this point there is no evidence to suggest that Felicity Ryder is an “anarchist fighter”, I have no idea whether she or her family would welcome such a label. I think it might be useful to avoid such labels until she has actually had a chance to identify (or refuse to identify) what exactly her politics are.

    I haven’t actually worked out what Mario Hernandez’ claim is, as I don’t speak Spanish and I can’t make head or tails of his statement through a machine translation. If you do speak Spanish or know of an English translation, I’d welcome a link or a brief summation of it’s contents.

    That aside, I reject the way in which some would use a call for solidarity to attempt to silence criticism of harmful, counter-productive and outright wrong strategic approaches (insurrectionism etc). It is possible to both express solidarity with a comrade in a tough situation, whilst being critical of the approach/ideas/action that got them into that situation.

    I am sorry if trying address both the types of questions I was getting about this matter in one blog post led to a confusing result, as I’ve said it was not my attention to criticize Mario or Felicity, rather to offer my thoughts to those who had requested them, on Anarchists who embrace insurrectionist tactics.

    And for the record, insurrectionists are wrong, their practice is elitist, their actions harm the work of anarchists who are actually working to overthrow capitalism, and the contention that a few broken windows somehow challenges capitalism or builds the confidence of the working class has been conclusively disproven by 130 years of Anarchist history.

  8. Nup,

    Every time an anarchist is caught with a bomb, it makes anarchism an easy target for the masses to equate anarchism with terrorism, and the media capitalises on this every single time. The word anarchism already has the connotations of dystopian terrorists who just want to loot and pillage all day.

    What’s more anarchism in the English speaking world (and seemingly the US especially) have glorified black bloc tactics and “riot porn.” To ensure the survival of anarchism and a relevant political ideology that holds a shred of credibility, it’s important to dispel the trend of insurrectionist tactics.

    Kieran is right to point out at this time, given the circumstances, these facts and insurrectionists inability to achieve any sort of change. If we as anarchists do not at this time point out the failings of insurrectionists then we passively legitimise the practice.

    I for one will show solidarity with Felicity when the facts of the case are out. For now I am once again concerned over dispelling the legitimacy of insurrectionists within anarchism.

  9. 1. All my other points are general, but first of all: I’m in solidarity with Felicity Ryder, who is being hunted by the (Mexican) state, whether she’s an anarchist or not and whatever her involvement (or non involvement) with the bombing of some buildings. And similarly with Mario Lopez Fernandez.

    2. I agree that solidarity doesn’t preclude critique. I don’t want to get into a downward spiral where no one can criticise the tactics/politics of ‘the most militant.’ And I don’t think anarchists have any obligation of solidarity towards those whose actions they find abhorrent.

    3. But, really Kieran, why did these two things (an expression of solidarity and a political critique) have to come together? Why make a political critique right now? It just looks like you’re desperate to say ‘no, no, we’re not all like that!’ Or, worse, you feel obliged to use the brief moment of public attention on the persecution of some (comrades) to make your political point.

    4. Also, I disagree with your critique. For a start, there’s a big difference between breaking a window and kneecapping someone. Do you really think a broken window is a terrible thing? Or do you just think that ‘the people’ (‘the masses’ – and it’s the insurrectionists who are elitist?) won’t understand it? Because I’d say a broken bank window is actually a pretty clear symbol, and one that might just mean as much to a random passer-by – and be as much a part of a process of building a shared sense of possibility and strength – as a lengthy text on how reasonably we’re going to build the new world in the shell of the old (or whatever).

    5. So what in 130 years of anarchist history has been conclusively proven to work? Because I didn’t think anarchists had won yet?

    ps. No, I’m not telling you my name. You can judge what I have to say as you like; my identity has nothing to do with it.

    • Mick WebsterJuly 4, 2012 at 10:33 am

      Well at least I’ll put my real name to this – I don’t know why others won’t.
      Just a comment that in 130 years anarchist comment has gone (or seems to have gone) backwards, and democratic capitalist consumerism has gone on to create the wealthiest and healthiest societies the world has ever known – yes and I know it’s on the backs of the 3rd world, the dispossessed etc etc, but if thats so, then why have radical leftist ideologies like anarchism failed totally to mobilise these oppressed?
      Felicity Ryder may or may not be an ‘anarchist’ but getting involved in bomb-making in Mexico is IMO a very foolish thing to do….(if thats what she’s being accused of, as reported…)
      One other question – in an anarchist system, would she have any consular aid from an ‘Australian Embassy’ in Mexico ( as she’s reportedly getting now), or would it be up to her local collective in Rutherglen, Victoria to intercede on her behalf?…..

  10. Mick,

    Some anarchists have very good reasons for using a pseudonym for their political work, Andy “Flemming” for instance is a constant source of irritation for the local neo-nazi scene. But when people post as “Anonymous” or something similiar it strikes me that they’re not prepared to own their remarks. “Nun” has since indicated to me which activist he is, so I withdraw my criticism.

    There is still no evidence that either Mario or Felicity were making “bombs” in Mexico. Also, what the media calla “bomb” and what you and I consider a “bomb” are often very different things. Two tonnes of ammonium nitrate mixed with diesel and with a C4 activator is a bomb, designed to kill people and cause significant destruction. What insurrectionist “anarchists” are ususally busted with are incendiary devices, intended for use in largely symbolic property destruction, ie. burning down a bank building at night. Still stupid, ineffective, misguided, etc, but qualititatively different.

    The reference to 130 years is not the history of Anarchism, but a reference to the emergance of the insurrectionist trend, when a minority within European anarchism in the late 19th century concluded that what was needed was “propaganda of the deed”. It failed.

    Where anarchists have had a degree of success, it has been where anarchists have focused on mass organisation, rather than individual acts of destruction or violence.

    The comrade above critisizes my timing and questions my motives, it appears to be because he has sympathy for an entirely failed and overly romantisized strategy of anarchist violence, “you can scare the fuck out of the rich” as he put it.

    Oh well. It’s something I utterly reject, not on the grounds that windows have feelings, but on the grounds that I favour anarchist work that actually has some prospect of success.


  11. Mexico: Joint declaration of anarchist action groups

    Spare no effort to free them.
    Give free rein to our imagination, unleashing all the passions and focus all our anger at the release of comrades estxs. What direct solidarity is not limited and would be spread across the planet!


    The live of the companion Felicity Ann Ryder! Immediate release for Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez! Urgent communication / Joint declaration of anarchist action groups:

    Direct solidarity with our comrades Mario Antonio Lopez and Felicity Ann Ryder.

    Health to those who fight!


    In the early hours of Wednesday, June 27 comrades were two arrested Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez and Felicity Ann Ryder by the repressive forces of the Federal District. Mario’s partner wounded was captured after falling at the time was activated an explosive device that was placed near the Del Carmen Coyoacán in Mexico City, so it was transferred to the Hospital Ruben Lenero capital city where still being held as a prisoner after the surgical procedure he underwent. The companion Felicity Ann Ryder was arrested shortly after being arrested comrade Mario Antonio on false charges that attempt to link the bombings made the night of 26 and during the early hours of 27 Revolution Autonomous Cells Immediate-Praxedis G Guerrero ( CARI-PGG) in Mexico City and Mexico State, as part of the anti-electoral campaign against all parties and the political caste made by the anarchist action groups over the past four months in different states of the Mexican region.

    First we want to clarify, to avoid distortions and false links that the partner and the partner Mario Antonio Felicity Ann are not part of the Revolution Autonomous Cells Immediate-Praxedis Guerrero (CARI-PGG) or belong to any of the informal groups of direct action , are insurrectionists, anarcho-nihilistic anarcho-environmentalists, who have decided to develop the struggle against the system of domination across the Mexican geography.

    So we want to point that Comrade Mario Antonio, should really have tried to place the explosive device which he is charged (indictment that generated plenty of questions to be left “clean” paraffin test which was submitted in for traces of gunpowder), served only driven only by their anti-authoritarian ideals and their belief antisystemic. It does not belong to any of the anarchist groups that have been starring since 2009 continuously direct action against domination.

    Mario Antonio comrades and Felicity Ann active part called “anarchist movement” and are members of the editorial collective that encourages the publication “anarchist conspiracy” unquestionably committed to direct solidarity with imprisoned comrades nuestrxs around the world but do not have links or membership any of the groups signing the joint statement. We do not have to lie, are “guilty” or “innocent” recognize them as “comrades” and deploy our solidarity to the end.

    The kidnapping of estxs comrades reminds us of the arrest of Ramses Villareal in 2009, under false accusations in an attempt to link it with our nuclei and clusters of action, which is why we were forced to issue a statement similar characteristics. The arrest of comrades estxs (such as Ramses then) only shows the inability of the government’s repressive corporations Federal District found “guilty” and the desperation of the puppets in the service of “Chief of the capital” Marcelo Ebrard to close his term successfully and continue with his political aspirations. The arrest of Mario Antonio comrades and Felicity Ann only responds to attempts to criminalize dissent and response to the pressures of mass media as they always want repression and blood to satisfy the society of the spectacle. And this time (how strange!), It’s up to the warning to the left of the system of domination, the bearers of “hope” and “real change”. We have timely knowledge of the witch hunt that prepare anti-anarchist and Mount police have launched city authorities, not only against publicly comrades who work in solidarity with our presxs such as the Anarchist Black Cross or of involucradxs comrades in various editorial projects but also against journalists who have realized objectively in the press of the performance of the anarchist groups.

    Comrades, Felicity Ann Ryder is abducted by elements of the repressive corporations Federal District Attorney’s express orders Jesus Rodriguez Almeida and Head of Government Marcelo Ebrard, who cynically deny (hours after his arrest made public) that in custody declaring “fugitive”. Marco Antonio is still heavily guarded hospital under constant psychological torture and amid endless irregularities as having taken legaloides his statement while under the influence of anesthesia.

    Spare no effort to free them.

    Give free rein to our imagination, unleashing all the passions and focus all our anger at the release of comrades estxs. What direct solidarity is not limited and would be spread across the planet!

    For the live presentation of the companion Felicity Ann Ryder, kidnapped by repressive corporate Federal Government Distro!

    For the immediate release of Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez mate!

    For the release of all the comrades nuestrxs compañerxsl presxs in Mexico and the world!

    For the destruction of prisons!

    By extension of refractory fire!

    What night lights!

    For Anarchy!

    Force comrades kidnapped by the state!

    Force encarceladxs comrades in Greece of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire!

    Force encarceladxs comrades in Italy!

    Force, co Turtle!

    Force, partner Tamara! Force, partner Gabriel! Force teammate Marco!

    Against the technological system of domination!

    For the destruction of everything that dominates us!

    For Total Liberation!

    For international coordination anarchist!

    What lights up the night!

    -Anonymous Anarchist Action / Informal Anarchist Federation, Baja California (AAA / IAF)

    -Action Brigades by the Propaganda by Deed Simon Radowitzky-State of Mexico / DF (BAPHAA-SR)

    -Cell Autonomous Immediate Revolution – Praxedis Guerrero / Informal Anarchist Federation, State of Mexico / DF / Morelos (CARI-PGG/FAI)

    Informal Anarchist Revolutionary-Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation (CRIA / IAF)

    Column lxs-Terrorist Revolucionarixs in Black (CTRN)

    Ex-members of the Eco-anarchist cell for direct attack (CEAD)

    -Informal-DF/estado of Mexico Anarchist Federation (FAI-DF)

    -Front Earth Liberation (FLT)

    Free-Individuxs, Dangerous and Wild Incendiarixs by the Black Death (ILPSIPN)

    -Luddites Against the Domestication of Wild Nature-Mexico State / City (LOBs)

    -Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), section DF

    – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), section Chihuahua

    – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), Section Jalisco

    – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), Section Veracruz

    – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M), section Oaxaca

    Task Force-Anarcho-Nihilist by the Creator-Tamaulipas Nothing

    Mariano Sanchez-Cell Insurreccional Añón-Edo. Mex. (CI-MSA) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M)

    Mariano Sanchez-Cell Insurreccional Añón-Guanajuato (CI-MSA) fraction of the Informal Anarchist Federation of Mexico (FAI-M)

    Informal Circle Antagónicxs-individualists (CCIA) Mexico, Planet Earth, July 3, 2012.

  12. FYI, I’ve published an English translation of the statement you refer to in your update; also, a group statement by various anarchist groups in Mexico and an update on Felicity’s status, based on an article published in the Mexican newspaper ‘El Universal’ at around midnight on Wednesday.

    It would seem likely that, contrary to other reports, as of this date Felicity has not been arrested but that a warrant has been issued for her arrest in connection to these events. (It’s also possible that she has in fact been apprehended/kidnapped by the state but for various reasons Mexican authorities have sought to deny this.)

    Of course, exactly what is going on remains murky at this distance. Presumably, the next few days/weeks will reveal more precise details.

    PS. It’s Fleming not Flemming.

  13. Felicity is from Cornishtown. I know her and her family personally, and I wish them all the best of luck in bringing her home safely!

  14. Interesting to note the comradely and political response of groups in Mexico who will actually be dealing with the consequences of this, compared to the response of some guy in Australia who’s just writing on his blog.

    “Let slip no favorable opportunity to point up the incompetence, hypocrisy, and class self interest of existing governments, as well as the vicious and noxious character of governmental rule”? Or any opportunity to criticise other anarchists?

    From this statement: “That the social inequality which nourishes this system of domination and exploitation is much more violent that any protest, and it is an attack against the natural right to a dignified life, impeding the freedom of individuals, preying on nature, oppressing the peoples, displacing them and throwing them into the ever-increasing number of jails in this prison-society, for which we will continue organizing and building a new world, based on freedom, mutual aid, solidarity and free association.”


    Joint statement of anarchist collectives and organizations in solidarity with Mario López
    July 2, 2012

    In the early morning of June 27 there was an explosion on the streets of Vicente Guerrero and Londres, in Del Carmen neighborhood, in Coyoacán. Compañero Mario Antonio López Hernández was found at the site with burns on various parts of his body. He was taken in an ambulance, watched over by police, to Rubén Leñero hospital, where his leg and arm were operated on.

    At no time were his family members allowed to see him, much less was he allowed to be advised by a trustworthy lawyer in order to make a statement regarding the charges they were making. On the contrary, members of the Judicial Police of the Federal District accosted him with questions, pressuring him so he would respond, even though the compañero was not in a physical condition to make a statement as he was still anaesthetized, and he accepted his participation in other actions, in particular an explosion that occurred hours before at an ATM belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission.

    It was only a day later, and due to the pressure exerted by several compañeros, that he finally was able to have contact with his lawyer and his family. His family’s house was raided, and they found nothing related to the charges. Since the morning of the day that Mario was found injured, the mainstream media have published articles presenting the compañero as a dangerous terrorist.

    We have information that the police are trying to link more people to the events, specifically one Felicity Ryder, whose name has appeared in various mainstream media outlets as Mario’s supposed accomplice, even claiming she had been detained; however this has not been confirmed by the Federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

    We denounce these irregularities, not because we believe in the laws and legality, which only serve to sustain this predatory system, but because we believe it is important not to remain quiet in the face of the attempt of the government of the Federal District (GDF) and the Judicial Police to build a media-driven case against Mario in particular and the anarchist movement in general.

    It is clear to us that the government of the Federal District intends to use Mario as a scapegoat, assembling a case with the intention of linking him to other actions and changing the charges, the most recent one being “Attacks against the Public Peace,” as well as beginning an anarchist witch hunt. The PGR has shown itself to be incapable of stopping the offensive of anarchist action groups and is trying to take advantage of the compañero’s accident to make an example of him and as such send a message of fear to anarchist groups. We also know that police have a list of names of compañeros and organizations which they are investigating.

    We, members of different organizations and collectives of the anarchist movement declare:

    • Our complete solidarity with compañero Mario during these difficult moments. We hug him and wish him a fast and full recovery.
    • That solidarity among anarchists is not just written words; as such we will organize activities to bring attention to the compañero’s situation, as well as demanding his immediate release.
    • We demand the presentation of Felicity Ryder. In an article published on June 29 by the newspaper Excelsior, it is mentioned that she has been detained, but without this being denied or corroborated by the PGR.
    • We reject and denounce the blatant attempt of the government of the Federal District to turn the compañero into a scapegoat of their ineptitude.
    • We call on all independent, autonomous and anti-capitalist organizations to be on alert in the face of the GDF’s attempts to unleash a witch hunt of anarchists. We are sure that this new “leftist” government will continue the policies of persecution and litigation against all forms of political expression that don’t adhere to their plans.
    • That the social inequality which nourishes this system of domination and exploitation is much more violent that any protest, and it is an attack against the natural right to a dignified life, impeding the freedom of individuals, preying on nature, oppressing the peoples, displacing them and throwing them into the ever-increasing number of jails in this prison-society, for which we will continue organizing and building a new world, based on freedom, mutual aid, solidarity and free association.

    For the freedom of Mario!
    For anarchy!

    Cruz Negra Anarquista de México
    Federación Anarquista de México-DF-Edo. Mex.
    Grupo Anarco Comunista
    Colectivo Acción Libertaria
    Biblioteca Social Reconstruir
    Federación Ecatepec Anarquista
    Centro de Información Anarquista
    Ediciones Hormiga Libertaria
    Espacio anarcofeminista Ni Ama Ni Esclava
    Libertas Anticorp
    Sin Medios Producciones
    Regeneración Radio
    Proyecto Rhabdovirus
    2HAK Hip Hop Libertario
    Escarlata Revoltoza
    Centro Social Okupado Casa Naranja


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