Anarchist contingent for Marxism 2013

In my review of Marxism 2012 I said:

In simple terms of self care, it would have paid to have small group prepared for the atmosphere of an event so totally dominated by an organisation so hostile to anarchism, who could debrief at the end of the day over a beer.

I’ll be heading down to Marxism 2013 at Melbourne uni over easter.

The lineup doesn’t look as good as last year, but there is still a lot on offer. It will also be interesting to observe how the conference dynamic is different in light of Socialist Alternative’s wider pitch for “left unity”.

This year’s conference also features a stream denouncing anarchism. I imagine this year, as last, a couple of fellow anarchists will rise to the bait.

Whether you’re going to engage or just to observe, it’s easier to do this event with some moral support.

If you’re an anarchist planning to head to Marxism 2013, drop me a line, let’s meet up.

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