Grupo Cultural de Estudios Sociales de Melbourne

The Grupo Cultural de Estudios Sociales de Melbourne and Acracia Publications are a group in Melbourne, comprised largely of the children of the Spanish anarchist refugees who settled in Australia after the crushing of the Spanish revolution. In the last couple of years they have embarked on a project to translate and share material from their archives, and to stimulate some debate amongst anarchism in Australia today.

For your enjoyment, here are some of their recent publications.


A Brief History of the Spanish Anarchist Refugees in Australia, Francisco Soler (ed), May 2012.

<a href="https://www”>The Anarchists and the Social Revolution: Interviewing Salvador Torrents in Australia, Campio Carpio, August 2012 (in English, originally in Spanish, 1975).

El Canton de Cartegina, Tomas Cano Ruiz, August 2012 (in Spanish, originally published 1973).

Libertarian Anthology, 2012 – present

Libertarian Anthology 1, ‘Anarchism: Aims, Principles, Historical Development and Objections’, July 2012.
Peter Kropotkin, ‘Anarchism’
Peter Kropotkin, ‘The Historical Development of Anarchism’
Albert Meltzer, ‘The Aims and Principles of Anarchism’
Albert Meltzer, ‘Objections to Anarchism’

Libertarian Anthology 2, ‘The ancient Greeks and the anarchist tradtion’, September 2012.
Ferraro, ‘Anarchism in Greek philosophy’
Henry Nevinson, ‘The Anarchist Play’
Martin Small, ‘Athenian Democracy’
Wilbur Burton, ‘Aristophanic pacifism’
Alan Morgan, ‘Anarchism and the Greek Temperament’
anonymous, ‘Anarchism in Greece today’

Libertarian Anthology 3, ‘Anarchism, Trade Unionism, Councilism, and Revolutionary Syndicalism’, November 2012.
Emile Pouget, ‘The Basis of Trade Unionism’
Rudolf Rocker, ‘The Origins of Anarcho-Syndicalism’
Alan Spitzer, ‘Fernand Pelloutier and the dilemna of revolutionary syndicalism’
Andrew Giles-Peters, ‘Councilism and Syndicalism: a historical perspective’
Gaston Gerard, ‘Anarchism and Trade Unionism’

Libertarian Anthology 4, ‘The Negativity of Anarchism’, December 2013
David Thoreau Wieck, ‘The Negativity of Anarchism’.

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