Chris Hurley is still walking around with a badge and a gun

On the morning of 19 November 2004 Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley arrested Mulrunji Doomadgee. Hurley took Doomagee to a cell. By 11:30am Doomagee was dead.

There are many people who still believe Mulrunji Doomadgee’s singing of the reggae song “Who Let the Dogs Out” to senior sergeant Chris Hurley simply cut too close to the bone. Less than an hour after being placed in a cell the 36-year-old was dead – with his liver almost split in two, four broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, severe bruising to his head and a torn portal vein. – National Indigenous Times, reproduced on

To this day Chris Hurley remains an officer in Queensland Police, and if the following is to be believed, he still doesn’t take kindly to behind taunted or sworn at.

From today’s Courier Mail:

THE police officer acquitted of manslaughter over a high-­profile Palm Island death in custody case has been questioned in court over his use of force against a man who allegedly swore at him on the Gold Coast.

Luke Cole is accused of assaulting Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley after swearing at him from a car in Robina on November 15 last year, but Cole alleges the police officer put him in a “choke hold” before he was even told he was under arrest.

Ten years after the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, Chris Hurley still walks or streets, armed with a badge and a gun.

Fergusen really isn’t that far away.


Gold Coast Bulletin 5 December 2014, ‘Cop Chris Hurley did not have reason to put a Gold Coast man in chokehold during scuffle: Court’:

A COURT has found a police officer was acting outside his duties when he pushed a man up against a car and choked him on the Gold Coast.

Magistrate Kerry Magee told the court she considered aspects of Snr Sgt Hurley’s story lacked credibility or were implausible.

Ms Magee said there was no reason for the police officer to demand Mr Cole get out of the car and said he had no warrant to arrest him.

“This is at a point where he hadn’t even asked the defendant his name,” she said.

Ms Magee questioned Snr Sgt Hurley’s explanation that his hand “slipped” up to Cole’s neck and did not accept the claim that Cole came at the police officer aggressively.

She said Cole showed a “reasonable response to the assault upon him” when he pushed Snr Sgt Hurley.

Not the first time that a member of the judicuary has pointed out that evidence given by Chris Hurley lacked credibility:

Senior Sergeant Hurley did respond to Mulrunji’s punch by himself punching Mulrunji. I am satisfied that this was somewhere to the body area rather than to the head and occurred as the two men struggled outside the station. I reject Senior Sergeant Hurley’s denial as untruthful.

I conclude that these actions of Senior Sergeant Hurley caused the fatal injuries.

From Inquest into the death of Mulrunji, Ms Christine Clements, Acting State Coroner, Coroners Court of Townsville and Palm Island, 2006.

This man is still walking around with a badge and a gun.

River of Tears – Kev Carmody


  1. Frustrated RedneckDecember 4, 2014 at 9:45 am

    You guys are soooo racist!!!! Disgraceful… How darebyou keep bringing up past issues that bares no relavence to the Palm Island incident… So tell me, are you going to claim this incident was racially motivated too??? Uep, that’s right, you can’t… Just cheap shots for a story, very ordinary that’s all I can say.

    Let this one through moderation because it’s so utterly lulzworthy – KB.

    • Michael J. SumnerDecember 5, 2014 at 8:26 am

      Don’t get frustrated Redneck…(hiding behind a false name becasue u r p*ss weak)… why not bring up his past?… that’s what happens in court with citizens or did you forget that FACT? This PIG should NOT have a badge or a gun or have anything to do with the public in any way. What does racism have to do with his lying, cheating, bashing and murdering? NOTHING which is why it was not mentioned ya twit. If you support this f**kwit of a PIG then you Redneck are a moron and an idiot and people like you should just shut you mouth as you only show your complete ignorance and contempt for the safety of the general public. What is this cop to u, your bum chum? Being a redneck no doubt he is!

  2. frustrated redneck whether or not the background is from aboriginal decent or motivation the truth is luke is white and kieran is bringing to light the act of a man who killed a aboriginal man and now in very simular actions with a white man so no i cant see the racial viewpoint you yourself are trying to insinuate, maybe just maybe now there will be justice because no matter what your opinion is he was a human being he was a brother he was a son, he had a soul and nobody had the right to take his life NO ONE so the question i put to you is why you can be accepting of what happened to mulrunji? because if it was your brother that said a word or upset another and it resulted in harm or death would you stand down and let their demise be ignored?

  3. i also believe the judge worked out what was the cheap shot 🙂

  4. Except of course, unlike Cartman, Chris Hurley is not funny. Just f-cking scary.


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