Apology to garbage collectors

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Garbage collectors rock, fascists do not.

When discussing the far-right on this blog, I have often introduced fascist agitator Shermon Burgess as a “Cooma based garbage collector”.

Burgess works (or worked) as an attendant at the Bredbo Waste Transfer Station in Cooma Shire.

I accept the feedback comrades have offered; mocking or appearing to mock Burgess for his occupation as a “garbage collector” is not good politics, and it comes across as insulting to garbage collectors.

Garbage collectors rock, fascists do not.

In future I will refer to Burgess as a “Cooma based fascist” or similar.


I also promise not to make fun of Burgess for that video where he’s defensively insisting that he’s not gay. Burgess’ insecurities about his sexuality are his business!


  1. Your an idiot !


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